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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

There are for sure enterprising capitalists who are eager to profit off of all of this. This is a turn to emotion in the face of all of the data that dominates the internet. In their place it carves out room for intuition and empathy. And yeah, it all feels pretty girly, but men have their online mysticism, too. It just looks a little more like this. My curmudgeonly twin points out that this is all a ploy to get women to spend more money on useless stuff, but my more compassionate twin appreciates a corner of the internet that values justice and empathy.

Pisces 2019 - 2020 Astrology Annual Forecast

She writes the videos. He edits the videos. And if you like the videos, just keep watching and another episode will play. Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, and it revolves around the sun in just 88 days.

Rick Fienberg, a spokesman for the American Astronomical Society in Washington, suggests picturing Mercury as a racecar in an inner lane and Earth in an outer lane, as they both make their way around a circular track. Mercury is going much faster and has a shorter distance to travel.

Here’s what’s really happening in space

Now, on to the issue of direction: If you watch the planets from the Northern Hemisphere, most of the time they appear to be going right to left, over a period of several weeks, as seen against the starry background. But three or four times a year, an optical illusion occurs: It looks as if Mercury is going backward. It happens when Mercury is passing between Earth and the sun, leaving Earth in its dust.

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The next one starts July 7. Fienberg said. Astrology has soared in popularity in recent years, particularly among young, female and queer online communities. Miller said that her site received million page views in the last year alone. And this year, she said, there has been an uptick in concern about Mercury retrograde. He was unfamiliar with the layout of the stadium, at the time one of the most prestigious in England.

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Within hours of the disaster, Duckenfield was to claim he never ordered the gate to be opened and the fans themselves were to blame for breaking down the barrier and streaming into the pens. The twists and turns of the journey to justice are too many to list here, but in brief, the original inquest held in March returned a verdict of accidental death, this despite the Taylor Inquiry August emphatically blaming police mis-management for the disaster.

pisces Horoscope

Six months after the accidental death verdict, David Duckenfield retired from the force on medical grounds, thus stopping the police disciplinary action against him. Fast-forward almost twenty-two years to December and a High Court quashes the original accidental death verdict. Seven years later, January , Duckenfield stands trial, along with Graham Mackrell, former Sheffield Wednesday club secretary.

The jury fails to reach a verdict on Duckenfield but convicts Mackrell of a health and safety offence. In October , the retrial of Duckenfield opens; seven weeks later he is acquitted. It is not hard to imagine the devastation of the friends and families who have waited three decades for justice. Thirty years in which they have lost further loved ones to the events of that day in April And still, apparently, no one accountable. Saturn had returned to its original position, accounts were due to be settled, the piper paid and justice seen to be done.

Scorpio susan miller

And closure is implicit in a Saturn return too. The Moon, also in Capricorn and applying to Venus, is further evidence of a solid, if not emphatic, result. Also, to my mind, that the Ascendant-descendant axis of the acquittal chart is mirroring the MC-IC axis of the disaster, reinforces that sense of closure, or at least of the matter coming full circle.

There are other important echoes of the events of that day in the chart of this recent, and I believe, final verdict, but for now I want only to draw your attention to two. First, at the time of the Hillsborough disaster, Neptune was stationary-retrograde and on the 28th November, , Neptune was stationary-direct.

Second, as the not-guilty verdict was delivered, the position of the Sun at 6 degrees of Sagittarius was exactly opposed to the elevated Jupiter in the chart of the disaster.