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Her cool demeanor can be off putting at times and her one track pursuit of success can be intimidating. First, she feels being in a relationship is serious business and not one to take lightly. If possible, Ms.

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Goat wants her first relationship to be the last, so she just wants to be certain that a man can be trusted. This lady is willing to wait for Mr Right to come along. It is also known that public display of affection is not her thing because this classy lady believes that there is a proper time and place for that. She gets attracted to successful men who values tradition. She can be stubborn with her methods, so she needs a man who can help her see things from a different perspective.

An adventurous man is also a good candidate for this lady who tends to overwork herself. Capricorn man is an old soul and shows maturity even at a young age. When he is ready to get involved, he seeks a long term relationship; the kind that will lead to the altar. He is on the lookout for a woman who can be a good wife and mother to his children. This man is not the type to go for flings and he prefers good character and intelligence over looks. The last thing he wants is to fall short in his commitment.

It is not easy to get close to this man. He is very friendly and loves to mingle but only trusts a few people.

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One will find it challenging to connect with this man on an emotional level. Capricorns are the natural builders of the zodiac so even in love they will lay the foundations correctly in order to build a strong and stable relationship. When involved with the right woman, marriage will surely be in the offing.

When two people who belong to the same sign get involved, one can expect a smooth sailing relationship. Although they have the same views on love and how relationships should be, they might end up taking each other for granted in favor of their flourishing careers. Capricorns prefer to do things on their own. They are not comfortable soliciting help or support from others, even from the people closest to them.

It will be like two people in love leading separate lives. If they can just agree to support each other and do things together, then we have a power couple in the making. With their steely determination and work ethics, their goals will be within reach in no time. After all two heads are better than one! Another glitch….


Both have strong personalities and clashes of wills can occur often. Who will give in? Your guess is as good as mine! The saving grace here is their sincere desire to make their relationship work and last. This couple will not just give up that easily.

Are Gemini & Capricorn Compatible? - Zodiac Love Guide

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Taurus and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Your Ram learns how to be more responsible, and you learn how to loosen up. You get tired of keeping your Aries love out of trouble and split. On the surface, this seems like a match made in heaven. When you meet a Taurus, you find someone who is also concerned with practical down-to-earth matters. You do have your differences, though. You see life as a mountain and strive to overcome any obstacles that may prevent you from reaching the top.

Your life is built on the premise that if you work hard enough, you will succeed. You share a lot of the same values, though, and this relationship will be more stable than most.

Aries and Capricorn Compatibility: The Hero and the Sage ⋆ Astromatcha

You tend to be reserved at the beginning of a relationship, Goat. You have a hard time showing your emotional vulnerability. Geminis, on the other hand, tend to be very talkative and usually lay their cards out on the table right away. This could end up scaring you away. Additionally, you both examine the world intellectually. If your noisy Gemini can learn how to tone down the chatter when you need quiet time, this relationship just might work.

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Capricorn and Capricorn: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

You tend to keep your emotions to yourself, Capricorn, which can make you a tough nut to crack. The truth is, you can learn a lot about the feeling world from a caring, nurturing Crab. Not only will this have a positive impact on your relationship with your Cancer, but on your friendship and family bonds as well. You can teach him or her how to be objective and keep the wild mood swings in check.

Leos love to give affection and gifts, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Can it ever work between a Lion and a Goat? Yes, but only if both of you are prepared to do a lot of compromising and work really hard. You always finish what you start and do the best job you can.

Summary of Capricorn compatibility

You value honesty, quality, and order. These traits will be very attractive to a Virgo, someone who is also responsible, dutiful, and efficient. Get your love questions answered now.

Capricorn's Best Love Matches

Libra needs to be with someone who mirrors their grace, artistic nature, and most importantly, sense of fairness. To your Libra, a life without sharing and beauty is no life at all. Obviously, the two of you are very different.

idessamma.gq You may have a hard time coming together on simple things like what to eat for breakfast, let alone where you want your relationship to go. If you can find some things in common, however, you can serve as an anchor for your flighty Libra who is often tossed around in the winds of change. Likewise, a Libra can show you how powerful and beautiful love can be.