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Here's the link. I think you would love it! It's time to read your your November forecast I wrote for you on AstrologyZone. Be sure to check out your sign so you will know ALL your most successful days. SusanMiller AstrologyZone. I had best time on What's Your Sign?

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If you are reading my monthly forecasts each month on your cell phone browser, there is a better, more modern and secure way. Once you have my app in your phone, you you will have th option to upgrade to my premium version which has much longer daily forecasts, all my essays and more. Time to quietly reflect on how you'd best like to use November. Even with Mercury retro From now until November 20, you can be sure November will sparkle for yo.

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Today when I ran into Sephora a darling salesgirl, Diana. When she was looking up a beauty item bought before so I could get the same one, she asked my name.


I said Susan Miller. She said, "Wait! The real Susan Miller? A new friend! I finished writing Pisces.

Aquarius Horoscope for September 12222

All 12 signs finished! My editor has edited 11 sign and is working on Pisces in Philly, and then will send to our app to engineers in San Diego and the other engineering team in NYC for my website, Astrology Zone. I am now writing my Note from Susan Miller with some interesting announcements. I just wired Aquarius to my editor and I only need to write Pisces. You see how long Aquarius took me to write. There are 3, words, and they will be thrilled with what I have to say about their career and ocial life in November.

We will post late tonight. Please Tell all your friends. The road may be long, but the journey is beautiful.

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Here is another progress report. I just finished Capricorn, so I only have Aquarius and Pisces to write. It's an important month--Capricorn, you will love what I see for you. Giving you a progress report.

The Aquarius Woman: January 20 - February 18 - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Each sign takes 7 hours to write. We will post today, November 1. It is so much fun meeting a reader if Astroligy Zone by chance at the corner bagel shop here in Manhattan. Vana is now a friend—She recognized me and now we both know each other—an unexpected blessing. Wow, that coffee really pepped me up. I am cheerfully writing Sagittarius. I love writing at night when the city is so quiet. We will post November 1 in the afternoon. Your thinking has gone beyond your normal comfort zone. From March , Uranus will be in your home and family sector until You can decide to move or live together. Family members can leave home or live with you again. Uranus will bring a refreshing breeze to your home life over the next seven years. Your door is open to many new and unusual visitors. The action planet Mars is in your work sector from mid-May to the end of June. You are therefore more productive during this period, your focus is stronger and you have more energy.

You can accept new work projects and pay more attention to details.

From April to mid-May, Mars is in your love sector. You can expect a lot of attention during this period. You are also more assertive and easier to approach someone. If you are in a relationship you want to revive the passion again. Would you like to read your monthly horoscope?

We recommend Susan Miller founder of Astrologyzone. We have been following her ever since she started online, many years ago. She works from the heart and she is so spot on in her monthly forecasts. We love her and her work and we hope she will continue her work for decades to come! This is her website : www. Dear Aquarius, do you want to book a psychic reading about what and the years that follow may bring you? Click here. Dear Aquarius, here is your free horoscope.