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  1. The Gaia Guide to 12222 Eclipses and Planetary Retrogrades
  2. What the Eclipse Looked Like Near the Maximum Point
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  4. 5–6 January 12222 Partial Solar Eclipse

This partial solar eclipse is visible from locations in north Pacific and northeast Asia, including Beijing , Irkutsk in Russia, Seoul , Taipei , and Tokyo.

The Gaia Guide to 12222 Eclipses and Planetary Retrogrades

Was this Partial Solar Eclipse visible in Kyiv? Try our new interactive eclipse maps. Zoom in and search for accurate eclipse times and visualizations for any location. Was this eclipse visible in Kyiv?

What the Eclipse Looked Like Near the Maximum Point

The eclipse started at one location and ended at another. The times below are actual times in UTC when the eclipse occurred. Please note that the local times for Kyiv are meant as a guideline in case you want to view the eclipse via a live webcam.

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They do not mean that the eclipse is necessarily visible there. Next Partial Solar Eclipse will be on 30 Apr Usually, there are two eclipses in a row, but other times, there are three during the same eclipse season.

Capricorn Horoscope Predictions – Astrology King

Second eclipse this season: 21 January — Total Lunar Eclipse. All rights reserved. Not there yet.

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Please make a donation to actively support and show your appreciation! Thank you. The partial Solar Eclipse on January the 5 th or 6 th , depending on your place in the globe, is the first of five in total, eclipses, three solar and two lunar, which will occur in This eclipse is also part of the series of eclipses on the Cancer — Capricorn axis.

Expectations for the eclipse season: the cycle of Cancer and Capricorn

These eclipses began with the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 13 , and shall continue throughout , up until the summer of , when they will be completed. This cycle of eclipses in the Cancer — Capricorn axis coincides with the gradual approach of Saturn towards Pluto and their conjunction in Capricorn in January , thus signaling a period of 18 months that will bring significant changes to Capricorn and Cancer Signs, and also to Aries and Libra Signs, since for them, the effect of the eclipses is stronger. Remember though, that eclipses are strong Astrological events and affect us all, some less and some more, without exception, and depending on what aspects they make on our personal natal chart.

Request your Astr ology Reading by Andrew Ifandis. Cosmic Level — A photo of the next six months. The Sun-Moon conjunction in the Capricorn Sign gives at a cosmic level a semester marked by significant changes in matters of how power is managed and administered world-wide.

5–6 January 12222 Partial Solar Eclipse

The two Lights are in conjunction to Saturn and Pluto and also lie on the midpoint of the two planets. Saturn and Pluto is a combination capable of enhancing the ambitions, goals, and the control that exert, various governmental, corporate, or other hierarchical structures. Saturn also forms a sextile aspect to with Neptune, an aspect that helps such designs and power visions to be realized, and be at the same time accompanied by a series of necessary reality checks, before they are put into effect.

At the same time, however, on the chart of this eclipse, and throughout the year, the square of Jupiter and Neptune is an aspect that undermines these plans, since it speaks of a social disappointment that will be diffused.

Alchemical Astrology Report ~ 2019 Preview & New Moon in Capricorn

Jupiter — Neptune in a square of extreme idealism and disillusion, which combined with the great influence that the planet Uranus plays in the general planetary setting, may bring massive mobilizations. Uranus was also the last planet to go retrograde in the dance of the many retrograde planets of the previous summer, and its liberating and disrupting energy will once more start to express when it returns to a direct motion.

All the sparkling electricity, and revolutionary or subversive action, that lay hidden, now finds an outlet, and the fact that this begins in the same day as the Partial Solar Eclipse, shows us emphatically that at the cosmic level we will see protests and upoars in the coming months.

Click Flash — Mercury, Mars and Uranus. Mercury in trine to Uranus brings to the power holders strategic thinking and technocratic control, preserving prestige through control of knowledge, of science and of innovation. On a square aspect to Mars who is powerful in the sign of his rulership brings controversy and juxtaposition of ideas.